Ordering Items

The University Library keeps its media at different accessible locations. You can search all media via our catalogue, and here find information about the location of the items you are looking for. You can then either take them from the shelves yourself or order items from the closed stacks.

Open-Access Area

A large proportion of the Central Library book and periodicals inventory is available for self-service in open-access areas.

Books and journals from the open-access areas cannot be ordered.

This does not apply to orders for inventory from the Medical Department and the Engineering Library and vice versa.

Here, the library arranges transport to your chosen location for collection. This does not apply to specialised departmental libraries.

Here, please note the options available in the catalogue when ordering.

Open Stacks 1 and 2

The open stacks 1 and 2 are in the basement of the Central Library.

The inventory presented here is considered part of the open-access area for self-service use.

Closed Stacks

The Central Library also keeps books and journals in closed stacks.

This inventory is usually available for borrowing.

Please order the desired medium via the catalogue.

After the order has been dispatched, you will see the availability time and the collection point. You will not receive a notification.

Ordering Methods

The location of the borrower determines whether or not items are sent to another library.

  • Orders from the same location may only be collected there. They may not be collected at another location. Orders from the open-access inventory are not permitted.
  • Orders from another location can either be collected there, or at the borrower's location. Other alternatives are not available. Please note this, and change your selection accordingly in the options presented in the catalogue, before submitting your order. This method can also be used to order open-access inventory and textbooks.
  • Orders placed outside of the Central Library, the Medical Library and the Engineering Library are treated and carried out as if the borrower were located in the Central Library.

Textbooks from the Medical Department and the Engineering Library can be ordered in the Central Library and vice versa. (Depending on the location of the borrower).

Availability Times

The delivery times from the closed stacks depend on the location of the relevant closed stack.

From the time of ordering, they take half a day until availability on the afternoon of the next working day. (Except on weekends).

When ordering from the catalogue, you will see the availability time displayed for the specific order.

What to Do If The Item You Want Cannot Be Ordered Online?

In the catalogue, the following information is missing for the item:

  • regarding a location for self-service in the open-access area
  • the link "Order", to order it online from the closed stack.

In such cases, please fill out a conventional order form by hand. These are available at the Information Desk.