How can I take out books, journals or other media?
CAU students use the CAU Card. Everybody else needs a user card.

How can I extend books on loan?
Sign in to our catalogue in the user account.

How can I sign in to a user account? | I forgot my password!

How can I log out? How can I discharge myself?

Where do I find "my" library?
Our library system is quite complex and covers more than 40 departmental libraries in addition to the large Central Library in Leibnizstraße.

How and where do I find my literature?

What opportunities for learning and working does Kiel University Library offer?

How can I sign in to the Wi-Fi with my own device?

How can I use the internet workstations?

How can I access electronic journals / licensed databases / e-books from home?
The University Computing Centre offers access via VPN.

Where can I scan?

Where can I work with Microsoft Office (e.g. Word and Excel)?

How can I access literature that is not stored at Kiel University Library?
You can order books and articles from the service counter via the interlibrary loan service for a reasonable price.


Why do I need a 2 Euro coin?
Please always have one handy for the lockers!

Please also use the CAU's Welcome Service to help you find your feet.