Central Library


Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 9 am - 10 pm

Saturday 9 am - 8 pm

Sunday 10 am - 6 pm (closed in August and September)

Range of Subjects

All subjects except clinical medicine, engineering, and law.

The law collections of the Central Library are located on the first floor  of the Juridicum.
The following conditions of use apply to the law collections:

  • The lending conditions of the Central Library apply.
  • Self-checkout is done via the self-checkout device next to the counter.
  • Returns are only possible where the volume was borrowed.
    • Lending in the Juridicum - Return in the Juridicum.
    • Borrowing from the closed stacks (must be ordered!) of the Central Library - Returning in the Central Library.
  • Payment of reminders, processing of replacement purchases, creation of user cards, etc. are only possible at the service desk in the Central Library.

Technical Equipment

  • Internet workstations for research (catalogues, CD-ROM databases in the network and for local use, WWW)
  • Workspaces - also for working with a notebook, Wi-Fi facilities
  • book scanner
  • Multifunction devices from Ricoh for copying, scanning, printing
  • Reader printers (microfilms, microfiche), microfiche readers
  • Reproductions by specialists possible for CAU institutes


2 Euro Coin2 Euro coin lockers are available in the entrance hall for safekeeping of coats and bags. To close the lockers, you need a 2 Euro coin as a deposit.
The lockers are for daily use, and must be emptied when you leave the building. If you do not empty your locker, the 2 Euro coin will be forfeited when the lockers are checked and emptied by university personnel (see University Fee Rules for the University Library).


  • Cafe Lounge in entrance hall
  • Vending machines for cold drinks and sweets are in Newspaper Room 1

Newspaper Reading Areas

Newspaper Room 1
is a space to "chill out", location: in the right wing of the entrance hall, behind the lockers:

  • Display of the Kieler Nachrichten
  • Display of brochures and booklets on university and study matters
  • Vending machines for cold drinks and sweets


Newspaper Reading Area: ground floor, segment 3
This is a counter area with chairs and bookshelves, where the library provides free access to subscription newspapers.

  • There are current daily and weekly newspapers on display.
  • Prior editions from the current year and the previous year can be obtained from the staff at the adjacent reading room desk.

Change Machine

There is a change machine in the entrance hall of the Central Library (immediately to the right after passing through the revolving doors), for changing 5 and 10 Euro notes into 2 and 1 Euro coins.

Self-Service Terminal for Validating the CAU Card

The self-service terminal for validating the CAU Card is situated in the entrance hall of the Central Library (immediately to the right after passing through the revolving doors, in front of the lockers).
The University Computing Centre is responsible for technical questions.
Student Admission and Registry (Studierendenservice) is responsible for other queries.