Application for assumption of costs for publication fees by the Schleswig-Holstein Open Access fund for junior researchers

I have earned my degree (master thesis or equivalent) not more than 10 years ago.  

I am a member of Kiel University (or UKSH Campus Kiel).  

I am, as corresponding or first author, responsible for payment of publications fees.  

The article will be published in a fully open access journal which operates according to established subject-related quality-assurance models and is listed in the directory of open access journals (DOAJ -   Please note: Articles which are published in subscription-based journals, such as hybrid journals, are not eligible for funding.

The article will be published under a license with extensive re-use rights (e. g. CC-BY, CC-BY-ND, CC-BY-NC, CC-BY-SA) and will receive a DOI.  

I confirm that funding from other grants (this means third-party funding) is not possible.  

I am willing to point out the funding scheme according to which the publication was granted.   Phrasing could be e.g.: "We acknowledge financial support by Land Schleswig-Holstein within the funding programme Open Access Publikationsfonds".

My article is already accepted by the journal for publication.  

I confirm the correctness of my statements.  

After submitting the application, you will quickly receive a permit or rejection of your application by e-mail.

The further procedure of assumption / reimbursement of costs will be explained to you in the approval of the application.