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CAU card

The CAU Card also serves as library card of the Kiel University Library. Your user number is printed on the back of it, together with a barcode.

Concerning Kiel University Library and the CAU card, please observe the following points:

1. Postal address

We only save one postal address. If your address changes, please inform the Studierendenservice. The library will automatically receive the new information.


2. E-mail addresses

The email-addresses stored at the “Studierendenservice” will be applied in your library account. At all times we use your official stu-account. Also, if provided, a private email address can be used for notifications as well.
You can not delete the “stu-mail”-address and can not turn off notifications to it.


3. Card-loss, blocking your account, replacement card and activation

If you lost your card, you should immediately contact the Studierendenservice: Report your card as lost and request a replacement card.
Also, contact the
Zentralbibliothek of the Kiel University Library in order to block your account and prevent possible misuse.
To reactivate your account, please bring your replacement card and an ID card and come to our circulation desk. (Monday thru Friday, 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.)


4. Disenrollment and discharge from the Kiel University Library

In order to complete their disenrollment, students need to be discharged from the university library. You will be discharged if you have no outstanding fees or loans on your library account. This is automatically checked and confirmed by the Studierendenservice.


CAU-first semester

Freshmen of the CAU will have to visit our circulation desk in order to activate their library account. Please bring your CAU Card and an ID card. You then have to sign a consent form as an acknowledgement of our Terms of Use.
You will then receive your password, which will enable you to access your library account and give you access to our digital services.