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Our holdings

To find out if we have a certain title or literature on a certain topic in stock, please check our library catalogue. It contains the almost complete holdings of both the Central Library and the specialised libraries. Acquisitions from 1993 on are recorded completely, items that were bought earlier are covered to an increasing extent. In the library catalogue you will find information about the location and availability of any of our books and information resources.
Within this search interface you may also request or reserve items and renew the loan period.

If we do not hold a book or item you are looking for, you may suggest it for acquisition. We will then check if we can obtain the desired literature and contact you. Another possibility is to order the item in question via inter-library loan.


In the Main Department, more than 700,000 books are directly accessible in the open-access area ("Freihandbereich"). They are shelved in classified order.
The most important reference works, dictionaries and auxiliary materials in the area of humanities, social sciences and law are located in the reading room (ground floor, segment 3). This literature is arranged in classified order, too, and may only be used on the premises.

For most subjects, textbooks can be found within the open-access area of the respective subject. Separate textbook collections exist for the following subjects: law, preclinical medicine and economics. All textbooks are readily identifiable by their blue shelf mark label.

Please keep in mind that by browsing the shelves you will only find the literature that is available at the moment. For a complete overview of our holdings including borrowed items (which you may reserve) and items that are located in the closed stacks or at a specialised library, please check our library catalogue.

Other books are kept in the Main Department's open stacks ("Offenes Magazin") in the basement. You do have access to these stacks as well but here the library materials are arranged by shelf marks and not by subject.

In contrast, books that are stored in the library's closed stacks ("Geschlossenes Magazin") need to be ordered via the library catalogue.