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Document delivery service "subito"

Books and journal articles that are needed particularly urgently can be ordered via subito. This document delivery service guarantees that every literature request will be processed within a maximum of 72 hours. The request is passed on to a library that in turn sends the requested literature to an address of your choice.

This service can by used by anyone for study purposes, for research and learning as well as by private individuals or commercial customers. Delivery will be made within one or three working days and you can select the form of delivery (post, e-mail, FTP, fax).

To be able to use subito, you first need to register online. Registration is free of charge and not associated with any obligations. Costs only arise if you place a literature order. They will be listed in detail during the order process.

The costs for an order depend on which customer group you belong to (e.g. student or commercial customer), which form of delivery you have selected and within which delivery period you would like to receive your order. Current prices can be found on the subito price lists. Once a month you will receive a collective invoice from subito.