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Inter-library loan

If a book or a journal article you are looking for is not available in Kiel you may order it via inter-library loan. The only precondition is a valid user card of Kiel University Library.

To be able to participate in the inter-library loan service, please come to the circulation desk (Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.) and ask for an inter-library loan account. You will then be equipped with an access number and a password to search and order literature in the databases of the GBV Common Library Network ("Gemeinsamer Bibliotheksverbund"), a network of many libraries offering inter-library loan service.

How to place an inter-library loan request for a book

First of all, please search the book you are interested in in the GVK - GBV Union Catalogue ("Gemeinsamer Verbundkatalog"). In the "full title" display you have to click the button "loan request" on the upper right side. On the following page please identify yourself with your inter-library loan access number and your password. Afterwards you will receive a request form with the bibliographic data and your personal data already filled in. Eventually re-enter your inter-library loan password and click "Send".

How to place an inter-library loan request for a journal article

You may try to find the journal article in the union catalogue GVK-Plus that contains article information of about 22,000 journals from 1993 on (in addition to the contents of GVK). If you are successful, please click "order copy" on the upper right side. Afterwards a window will open up in which you have to identify yourself with your inter-library loan access number and your password. The article data will then already be completed in the request form. Eventually re-enter your inter-library loan password and click "Send".

In case the article you would like to order is not recorded in GVK-Plus, you need to search the journal in which it is published. The ordering procedure is basically the same as described above, but additionally you have to complete the request form by inserting the year of publication and the volume of the journal. Afterwards a new window will open where you have to fill in the author and title of the article and the pages it occupies.

Charges and delivery

Each book or photocopied article (up to 20 pages) ordered via inter-library loan costs €1.50. Articles with more than 20 pages are charged by the libraries at individual rates. In the request form you may state the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the respective article; the default setting is a maximum of €8.00.

Usually an order takes about two weeks to arrive at our library. You will be notified via e-mail or regular mail as soon as the requested item can be picked up. Then please come to the circulation desk within five business days.

If you need a book urgently you may also order it via document delivery services at a significantly higher cost.

Borrowing period for items ordered via inter-library loan

The supplying library decides how long you may keep the item. Please keep in mind that it has to be returned the day before the date shown in your user account.

Journal articles are usually supplied as photocopies and remain in your possession.

If you would like to renew the loan period, please do this a week before the due date. Simply click on the corresponding link in your library’s user account and fill out the renewal form. Or come to our circulation desk in person and fill out a form.

Further information on inter-library loan

For further information on inter-library loan, e.g. how to search the databases and what to do in case you do not receive the literature you are interested in, please refer to our reference service

  • Main Department, information desk, entrance hall
    phone: (0431) 880-4701

or to the inter-library loan department

If the requested item is not available in Germany, the inter-library loan department may order it for you via international inter-library loan.

For other libraries:

Inter-library loan departments of other libraries can send their ILL requests to:

We accept payment with IFLA vouchers. Normal cost per loan/copy is 1 full voucher.  Depending on weight of the book, additional postage fees can be due.

Please note that items presented in our catalogue with a location at a specialized library are not available for ILL purposes.