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Printing documents from the Internet

Preparing the document for print

The print function is only available on the workstations after logging in with your user card number and your password via "Internetzugang" (Internet access), but not if you use the link "Katalog" (catalogue)!

Only via this form of access and via the services of the University Library are you recognised as a user of the University Library by suppliers of licenced electronic journals and databases.

Before you can use our print service, you have to register with the Ricoh mobile print service. To do so, please use the index tab labeled "Drucken auf Ricoh" or visit and follow the instructions.
Attention! As CAU student please use the 17-digit number in the lower right corner of the CAU Card as cardnumber! Those who own a Campus Card, please use the number without dots.The number will be complete at the last digit before the slash.

Once registered, please log in to your Ricoh account and click the "mobilePrint" button. To prepare downloaded pdf- or jpg-files, you will have to drag and drop those files from the download menu (blue arrow) into the mobilePrint box on screen. The file will be processed and appear at the bottom as a document waiting to be printed. Only pdf- and jpg-files are supported. 

If you want to print websites or texts in other file formats than a pdf, you will have to convert those beforehand. For websites, press "Strg+P". Then select the "Doro PDF Writer" as printer and, where necessary, the required pages. The document will then be available on drive "B:". You can access drive "B:" in the menu next to the download symbol on the top right. When the menu is open, simply drag and drop the file into the mobilePrint box.

Of course, this is also possible from your notebook, tablet or smarphone.

Printing the document

All devices located in the copyrooms of the main library, that are equipped with a card reader for the CAU- or Campus Card, also work as printers.

Insert your CAU- or Campus Card into the card reader of the copy machines. Select "Drucken" (print) by using the F-buttons. Documents waiting to be printed will be displayed. Select the document with the arrow buttons and press "Druckjob starten" (Start printjob).

When you are done, press the "end"-button to eject your card.


5 cent / page

Please note: You need to have a balance of at least 50 cent in order to use the devices (to copy, print or scan). You may charge the amount on your CAU- or Campus Card at the university canteen using the machines in the entrance hall.