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Multimedia room

Our multimedia room is located on the 1st floor of the Main Department, Room 1.40. Here four computer workstations are available for students of Kiel University (log-in with the University Computing Centre's stu account). The workstations offer access to the Internet and are equipped with

  • Microsoft Office software;
  • Open Office Pro;
  • the image viewer Irfan View;
  • various e-mail clients.


Documents can be printed at a network printer (ground floor, segment 1) or a photocopier in Room 1.27 (1st floor, copying room between segment 2 and 3). The print-outs will be paid for by debiting your Campus-Card with 5 cents per page.

You are welcome to use the multimedia room during the entire opening hours of the Main Department. Technical support and advisory service is offered several times a week. To find out about the specific hours, please check our homepage (section "Betreuungszeiten - Multimediaraum") or refer to the information desk in the entrance hall.