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Internet access

As a member of both Kiel University or another university/academy in Schleswig-Holstein and Kiel University Library, you can access the Internet from any network computer in the library. To do so, please follow the link "Internetzugang" which you will find on each computer's screen. Then identify yourself with your user number and password (the same as for managing your library account).

Afterwards you may not only search the Internet for academic purposes, but access our databases and electronic journals, many of them not generally accessible outside Kiel University.

As a university member you can also access the Internet with your own notebook or tablet. To log into the wireless network, please download the application "CAUx". Detailed configuration instructions for various operating systems are published on the University Computing Centre's website.

For university members, remote access to licensed e-books, e-journals and databases is also possible using a virtual private network (VPN). For information about VPN please have a look at the website of the University Computing Centre.