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Sending documents from the Internet via e-mail

At the computer workstations in the University Library you can send files from a large number of applications to an e-mail address of your choice.


Select the document

On the start page, which is displayed on the workstations in the University Library, select the "Internetzugang" (Internet access) link and log on with your user card number and your password.

Only via this form of access and via the services of the University Library are you recognised as a user of the University Library by suppliers of licenced electronic journals and databases. In addition it is only via this access that you can use the print functions, but not via the "catalogues" link or via your laptop in the University's WLAN.

Now select the desired document from the range on offer at the University Library. You can find electronic journals and literature databases with links to full texts via the online catalogue of the University Library or via the links shown under Online resources or Elektronische Medien (Electronic media; in German).


Send the document via e-mail

For PDF documents please use the Adobe-Reader function "Kopie speichern unter" (save copy as). Select a name of your own choice and save the file on the “B:” drive. Other  types of documents can be saved on the “B:” drive directly via the context menu (right mouse click: “Seite speichern unter”/“Grafik speichern unter” [save page as/save image as]).

Please end the browser session. A pop-upcalled "NetMan" will then open. Now select the "Exportdateien versenden" (send export files) function. Select the files and confirm the selection with "ok". After entering your e-mail address the files are sent using the "ok" button.

If you would like to send other documents to your e-mail address, please keep the "NetMan" application open. You can move between this application and the Internet browser or Adobe Reader by using the key combination "Alt + Tab".

The saved files can be deleted via the "Exportdateien löschen" (delete export files) function.