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Obtaining a user card

You only need a user card if you want to borrow books or other items from our library. Searching literature and working with our holdings on the premises is possible without prior registration.

Students of Kiel University will need to bring their CAU card and an ID card in order to activate their library account.

If you are studying at another university/academy in Schleswig-Holstein, please fill in our online application form, in order to register as a member. Afterwards come to the circulation desk and present your identity card or your passport along with a confirmation of legal residency in Schleswig-Holstein ("Meldebestätigung"). , please do not forget to bring your student ID as well. Employees of Kiel University not listed on the staff and lecture list need to confirm their employment status.

At the circulation desk, your user card will then be issued to you right away (Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.). If you are a student or a member of a university/academy in Schleswig-Holstein, the user card is free of charge. Otherwise you will have to pay an annual fee of €22.00.
Please note that your user card is non-transferable.

In case of any changes in your personal details, particularly in your postal or e-mail address, please let us know immediately.

This is also important if you have lost your user card or it has been stolen. Otherwise you will be held responsible for all items borrowed and charges arisen on your behalf.
Replacement cards are issued at the circulation desk for a fee of €3.00.