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Borrowing books and other media

Most of the Main Department's books and journals are for loan. You may borrow up to 25 books or bound journals plus ten textbooks (with a blue shelf mark label). Exemptions can be made for students writing their thesis or preparing for a state examination. Please click here to download the application form. For details, please ask a staff member.

The lending procedure depends on the location of the item you are interested in. If it is stored in the open-access area ("Freihandbereich") or in the open stacks ("Offenes Magazin") please take the book or bound journal out of the shelf yourself and check it out at the circulation desk.

Items that are located in our closed stacks have to be ordered via the library catalogue. To do so, please call up the title you would like to order and click "Request". Afterwards a page will open where you need to fill in your user number and password. In some cases you can also choose in which department you want to pick up the item.

The provision time depends on where exactly the book or bound journal is stored. At the latest, requested items will be available in the afternoon of the next business day (Monday - Friday). Please keep in mind that books published before 1901 will be brought to the reading room only.

If you would like to work with items from the Medical or Engineering Department you may either check them out directly in the respective department or request them to be brought to the Main Department's circulation desk.

All specialised libraries are reference libraries. Therefore items located in a special library can be used on the premises only.