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Kiel University Library is a central institution of Kiel University (Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, abbreviated CAU). It consists of the Central Library with three departments and of 43 specialised libraries located at the CAU's faculties.

The library's primary function is to supply the members of Kiel University - i.e. students and academic staff - with literature and information resources, but anybody else is welcome to use Kiel University Library as well.

The Central Library is both the university's lending and repository library. Furthermore it serves as a coordination instance for the specialised libraries and is in charge of the inter-library loan service.

In contrast, the specialised libraries are assigned to the respective faculties or seminars and collect library materials in their particular subject areas. They are reference libraries only. For a directory of Kiel University's specialised libraries (in German only) please click here.