Publication Fund for junior scientists of the CAU by SH state government

Funding Open Access Article Processing Charges (APC) for junior scientists of the CAU by SH state government

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To promote Open Access in Schleswig-Holstein, the state government has set up a state-wide publication fund for junior researchers.

Thanks to this fund, publication fees of up to 2,000 € (incl. 19 % German VAT) can be paid at the CAU, provided that the following criteria are met:

  • The researchers have earned their degree (master thesis or equivalent) not more than 10 years ago.
  • They are members of Kiel University  (including UKSH Campus Kiel, Geomar, IPN) and are - as corresponding or first author - responsible for payment of publications fees.
  • The articles must be published in a fully open access journal in which articles are made available for free immediately upon publication. Moreover, the open access journal is required to operate according to established subject-related quality-assurance models and  to be listed in the directory of open access journals (DOAJ -
  • Articles which are published in subscription-based journals such as hybrid journals are not eligible for funding. The same applies to original dissertations.
  • Other funding is not available to finance the publication, especially in the case of published results from third-party funded projects.
  • The articles are published under a license with extensive re-use rights (e. g. CC-BY, CC-BY-ND, CC-BY-NC, CC-BY-SA) and receive a DOI.
  • The funded publication is required to point out the funding scheme according to which it was granted. Phrasing could be e.g.: "We acknowledge financial support by Land Schleswig-Holstein within the funding programme Open Access Publikationsfonds".
  • An application for funding must be submitted via the web form and can be made at the earliest if the article has been accepted for publication by a journal (the acceptance date is decisive). The funding is paid in the year of publication (This rule is suspended until further notice: You are welcome to submit applications when or, if necessary, before submitting the article).

  • Two applications per year can be granted for each scientist firstly. Further applications will be placed on a waiting list and can be taken into account at the end of the year if enough funds are available.

  • Only Open Access fees (Article Processing Charge - APC) are eligible for funding, but not administration fees, submission fees, color charges and page charges etc.

Subsequent steps:

  • After being reviewed by the Open Access Commisioner of the University Library, you will receive a notice of approval or rejection of your application.
  • The further procedure of assumption / reimbursement of costs will be explained to you in the approval of the application.
  • Normally, you will forward the original invoice of the publisher of the Article Processing Charge (APC) to UB and we will manage the payment.
  • For invoices from abroad (EU-foreign country or third country), please note: VAT may not be charged. The German VAT of 19 % has to be paid additionally to the local tax office separately ("Reverse Charge Procedure"). If the net invoice amount exceeds 1,680 EUR, the total costs including VAT exceed the maximum funding amount of 2,000 EUR.
  • If the total publication fee exceeds € 2.000 or departments have already paid or you have been made private payment in advance, we will inform you separately about the reimbursement procedure.


Contact persons for further information:

  • Dr. Eike Hentschel (University Library), Tel. 0431-880-2737
  • Heiko Kritsch (University Library), Tel. 0431-880-2743
  • Holger Siedschlag (University Library), Tel. 0431-880-2744
  • Shared E-Mail-Address:
  • Dr. Sabine Milde (Graduate Center at Kiel University), Tel. 0431-880-3218,

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