Inter-library Loan Service

You can order books and articles that are not available in Kiel via the inter-library loan service for a reasonable price.
These are supplied from library to library.

User Account & Access Data

In order to use the inter-library loan service you will need:

  • A valid user card.
  • Access data for an inter-library loan service account: 12-digit user name and password (free)


Check Card Front


Each inter-library loan service account is credited with a certain number of authorised orders. After these orders are used up, new orders can be credited to the account free of charge by contacting the inter-library loan desk.

You can obtain access data for an inter-library loan service account from Monday to Friday, between 9am and 4.30pm, by presenting your user card at the circulation desks:

  • Central Library
  • Medical Department
  • Engineering Library

Costs & Charges

Inter-library loan service charge
Each order (book, journal, copy of article up to 20 pages) is subject to an inter-library loan service charge (University Fee Rules for the University Library).
Payment is due on completion and is charged per item delivered.

Costs for copies of articles

  • If more than 20 copies are to be delivered, in addition to the basic charge, the actual copying costs incurred must be reimbursed (from the first page onwards).
  • You must state a maximum limit for the cost to be incurred by you on the order form (in the comments field). We will complete your order in accordance with your financial specification.

Ordering Items

Look for your literature in the GVK-PLUS - GBV Union Catalogue with Online Contents

Click on the order button for the book or article you would like:

  • loan order, if you would like to order a book loan
  • copy order for articles from journals and books

Ordering items:
Enter your access code, which is made up of your inter-library loan service user number and accompanying password, in the order form and click "Send order".

Order confirmation:
You will receive a so-called A number (e.g. A00123456X) for each individual order.

Order overview:
You can view your orders in the GBV databases under the menu item: Inter-library loan service account.

Delivery time:
2 - 4 weeks

What to Do If the Item You Want Cannot Be Ordered Online?

There are reasons why online orders may be rejected:

  • If the following message appears "This document is located in this library!".
    Then please use the catalogue to determine the exact location in Kiel, and collect the document at that location.
  • If the following message appears "There is no library which can provide the document."
    Then please order using the conventional inter-library loan service (form) or if necessary via a direct delivery service (e.g. via Subito).
  • Publications which cannot be found in German libraries (the rejected order form returned serves as proof), may possibly be obtained by the international library system.
    Please ask about the procedure and the resulting costs in the inter-library loan section.


  • You will receive an e-mail notification as soon as the ordered item is ready for you to collect. If you have not registered an e-mail address, then you will receive a notification by post. Postage costs must be reimbursed.
  • You have five working days from the time of notification to collect your order from the University Library. After this time the item is sent back to the lending library.
  • The inter-library loan service charge is paid when you collect your order. It must still be paid even if you do not collect the item ordered within five working days, and we have sent it back.

Conditions of Use

Lending libraries determine the conditions of use when lending their inventory. Kiel University Library is obliged to comply with these requirements when passing on items to the users in Kiel. These could include the following measures:

  • Use only in the reading room
  • Copying prohibited
  • No renewals
  • Shorter loan period
  • Insured shipment of rare books. You are responsible for paying the insurance fee for return shipment, and the same applies to other expenses which the sending library might incur.
  • Special forms of publication (e.g. very old works, unbound journal editions, loose-leaf collections, large-format items, etc.) will not be shipped in order to protect them. As an alternative, a microfilm recording or CD-ROM can often be ordered for a fee.


  • The media and copies ordered via the inter-library loan service are available for collection from the circulation desk for 5 working days.
  • To borrow media, please bring along the following:
  • Your CAU Card/user card and money to pay the inter-library loan service charge.
  • The information in your user account (e.g. loan period) is relevant for borrowing items.
  • Copies of articles: After paying the inter-library loan service charge, you will receive the copy to keep in your possession.


The following papers from the libraries are inside every borrowed item:

  • Paper strips with the terms and conditions of use for the borrowed work:
    e.g. no renewals, copying prohibited, use only in the reading room, etc.
  • An accompanying letter from the lending library:
    this is required for internal processing by the libraries (e.g. the barcode is essential for booking items in again).


Please do not remove these papers from the book!

Loan Periods

  • The lending library determines the length of the loan period.
    Kiel University Library is obliged to ensure compliance with this loan period. Please see the section "Reminders & Fines" for more information.
  • You can view the loan periods in your local user account.
  • Renewals are not possible.

Reminders & Fines

  • We will send you a reminder 4 days before the item is due back.
  • If the loan period is exceeded, the fines procedure is set in motion.
  • For details of the fines due please refer to current version of the University Fee Rules for the University Library.


The Copyright Act (Urheberrechtsgesetz (UrhG)) is applicable

When borrowing copies via the inter-library loan service, the following restrictions must be observed, in particular those under Section  Section 60e UrhG.