Direct Delivery Services

Direct delivery is a mostly fee-based delivery service directly from the library to the person ordering, bypassing the interlibrary loan service. A number of external libraries offer not only an interlibrary loan service, but also a direct delivery service, which is faster but also much more expensive than the normal external lending between libraries.

For the CAU, the University Library offers a free internal university document delivery service.


To facilitate access to and exchange of the media at the CAU, the free internal university document delivery service is available to all CAU staff. Using the relevant form, you can order extracts from monographs and article copies from journals.

If you are not a CAU staff member, other fee-based document delivery services are available.

Authorised to Order

  • All employees of the CAU and its affiliated institutions can use the internal university document delivery service free of charge.
  • Students can also order, if they are integrated into a university or affiliated institution during their Diplom/Bachelor/Master's or doctoral thesis, and thus have a work address.
  • Student assistants are excluded from using the internal university document delivery service.

Delivery Scope

  • You will receive copies of individual journal articles and book chapters from the inventory of the source libraries.
  • Please do not order literature located in your own in-house specialised library (same building number).
  • The internal university document delivery service is absolutely not a copying service.
  • For copyright reasons, the permitted scope of copying is limited.
    • For journals and articles from limited collected works, the scope of copying may not exceed 20% of the entire work.
    • For monographs, the scope of copying may not exceed 10% of the entire work.
    • The maximum number of pages per order allowed by the internal university document delivery service is limited to 50 pages.

Delivery Form

  • Delivered in the form of paper copies via internal mail to the work address
  • Where it is possible from the source library and allowed by copyright, electronic documents are sent to the work e-mail address (for more information see Delivery scope).

Delivery Time

  • As soon as possible, but no later than within 10 working days.
  • If, for various reasons, we are not able to deliver the article or book chapter, we will inform you as soon as possible by e-mail.

Delivery Libraries

  • Zentralbibliothek
  • Zweigbibliothek Medizin
  • Fachbibliohtek Ingenieurwissenschaften
  • Fachbibliothek am Juristischen Seminar
  • Fachbibliothek am Walther-Schücking Institut für Internationales Recht
  • Fachbibliothek für Wirtschaftswissenschaften
  • Fachbibliothek Sozialwissenschaften (Bereich Politik und Soziologie)
  • Fachbibliothek am Musikwissenschaftlichen Institut
  • Fachbibliothek am Institut für Klassische Altertumskunde (ausgenommen Archäologie)
  • Fachbibliothek am Englischen Seminar
  • Fachbibliothek am Romanischen Seminar
  • Fachbibliothek am Institut für Ur- und Frühgeschichte
  • Fachbibliothek Mathematik/Informatik/Rechenzentrum
  • Fachbibliothek Physikzentrum
  • Fachbibliothek an den Instituten für Anorganische und Organische Chemie
  • Fachbibliothek am Institut für Geowissenschaften
  • Fachbibliothek am Geographischen Institut
  • Lorenz-von-Stein-Institut für Verwaltungswissenschaften
  • Geomar Bibliothek


Subito - Dokumente aus Bibliotheken e. V. i(documents from libraries association) is a fee-based document delivery service, which serves many academic libraries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Anyone may use Subito's services, whether for study purposes, for research and teaching, or as a private individual or commercial client. A prerequisite for ordering is prior registration with Subito.

Through Subito, you have access to almost all special collection and central specialised libraries, and can order special literature from their inventories. Information about the special subject collections at German libraries can be found at Webis.


  • Anyone may use Subito's services, whether for study purposes, for research and teaching, or as a private individual or commercial client.
  • A prerequisite for ordering via Subito is free  registration. You will receive a personal user ID and password by e-mail.

Ordering Via Subito

  • After your research in the Subito database, or alternatively in the  (GBV Union Catalogue) , you can place your literature order directly via Subito.
  • Your order will be processed within a maximum of 72 hours - guaranteed.

Delivery & Costs

  • Delivery of a Subito order takes place within 1 or 3 working days, in the chosen delivery format of either post, e-mail, FTP, or fax. Delivery by post increases the delivery period accordingly.
  • The costs for a literature order depend on which customer group you belong to, what delivery form you have chosen, and the delivery period within which you would like to have your order delivered. Please refer to the Subito price table for current prices. However, the costs for a specific order are also displayed during the ordering process.

DIRECT DELIVERY SERVICES for Specific Subject Groups

Technology and Natural Sciences

  •  TIB-Portal TIB Portal document delivery service for technical-scientific literature (FIZ Karlsruhe, TIB/UB Hanover, FIZ Chemie Berlin, FIZ Technik)
  •  FIZ AutoDoc document delivery service for the subject areas of science, technology, nature

Medicine and Biosciences, Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences

Economics and Business Studies

EconBiz - search for economic literature worldwide through the ZBW - Leibniz Information Centre for Economics in Kiel

More Offers from National Libraries

The British Library Document Supply Center