Location of the self-check-out terminals
Our self-check-out terminals can be found in the rear entrance lobby and in the exit area respectively.

Borrowing procedure
Please take your books from the open stacks area shelves and check them out at our self-check-out terminals yourself. You no longer need to report to our Service Counter to have them checked out there. However, please continue to return them at our Service Counter.

Self-check-out terminal use
Please place your CAU-Card or user card on the red line generated by the scanner on the table until your user number is read. Then place your books on the grey check-out area. You do not need to open the books and may place them in a slightly fanned out stack of up to 5 books on the check-out area.

Display information
Once you have successfully checked out your books, please find the following information on the display: check-out number, title, loan period, successful check-out confirmation. You are now lfree to leave the building with your books. Books that could not be checked out are displayed in a conspicuous colour with a corresponding message. These are, for example, books belonging to non-lending collections. In these cases, please contact our Service Counter.