Publish dissertation

The publication of dissertations submitted, accepted and approved for publication is a prerequisite for the issuing of the PhD certificate. How the publication requirement can be fulfilled is regulated in the respective Doctoral Degree Regulations of the faculties.

Printed dissertations

Information on the publication procedures of dissertations in print


1. Production of print copies

The following points must be observed when producing deposit copies in print:

  • The recommended format for the deposit copies is DIN A4 or DIN A5, printed on both sides.
  • The paper used must be white, free of wood and acid and resistant to ageing (for archiving purposes).
  • The binding must guarantee many years of intensive use. Ring or spiral binding and all binding methods made using metal or plastic parts (e.g. foil cover, iron rail) are not permitted due to long-term archiving. A brochure with adhesive binding, on the other hand, is desirable.
  • The title page approved by the Dean's Office must be included in the dissertation.
  • If the title is printed on the cover, the title page must be repeated in the book block.
  • On the back cover or on the following page, name the rapporteurs (advisor/reviewer) of your thesis as well as the date of the oral examination.

2. Cumulative dissertations

In the case of cumulative dissertations, the main parts of the work have already been published elsewhere (scientific journals, series, anthologies, etc.). Please check the applicable Doctoral Degree Regulations of your faculty to find out whether and under what conditions this form of submission is possible. Please submit 4 printed copies of the cumulative dissertation to Kiel University Library. Please take into account the aspects of the production of print copies.

3. Dissertations with external publishers

In this case, a commercial publisher (usually an academic publisher) will take over the production of your dissertation and its distribution via the book trade. The following conditions must be observed:

  • • As a rule, the publisher must guarantee a minimum print run of 150 copies. For any deviating minimum circulation figures, please refer to the Doctoral Degree Regulations that apply to you.
  • A certificate from the publisher must be enclosed./li>
  • The dissertation title page approved by the Dean's Office must be included in each deposit copy (either already bound in or loosely enclosed).


The number of deposit copies of your printed dissertation to be delivered to Kiel University Library can be found in the Doctoral Degree Regulations applicable to you.

Submission of deposit copies

Send the printed deposit copies of your dissertation with your address by post to:

Universitätsbibliothek Kiel
Leibnizstr. 9
D-24118 Kiel

Alternatively, it is also possible to hand in your dissertation at the service desk of the Central Library (without consultation). If you wish, you can get there an acknowledgement of receipt. Please note the opening hours.

Confirmation of publication

After checking that the publication agreement and the printed deposit copies have been received correctly, Kiel University Library sends a publication confirmation by E-mail to the responsible dean's office.

Electronic Dissertations

As an alternative to publishing your dissertation in print, you can also choose the path of electronic publication via the Open Access Repository of Kiel University (MACAU). To do so, simply follow the steps of our workflow.

Information on the publication procedure at MACAU


Step 1: Selection of the dissertation type

First of all, please make the choice whether your dissertation is to be published directly as a full text or should first be under embargo. This may be necessary for copyright or patent law reasons. If, for example, a patent application is planned or if parts of your work have already been submitted to journals or published, as is often the case with cumulative dissertations, embargo periods may have to be observed. Therefore, if you want to choose the option Dissertation with embargo, you must nevertheless check in advance whether your doctoral regulations permit this.

If your dissertation can and must be published under embargo, an abstract (title page, 'second' page with details of the rapporteurs (advisor/reviewer) and date of the oral examination as well as the abstract summarised in a PDF file) must be provided. After expiry of the embargo period, this will automatically be exchanged for the full text to be provided in parallel.

In addition, you must specify the expiry date of the embargo period yourself in the metadata entry (step 2). Again, please observe the provisions of your Doctoral Degree Regulations as well as any other conditions (e.g. the regulations of the publishers). You can find help and examples here. The embargo periods set can be lifted at any time after submission. However, the request for this must be made in writing (E-mail or letter) by the dean's office to the dissertation office of Kiel University Library.

In addition, please indicate if your dissertation is published as part of a series (e.g. institute series). In this case, upload the version of the dissertation accepted by the series editors in step 3 (if applicable, in the layout/design of the series).

Step 2: Enter metadata

To enter the metadata of your dissertation, you must log in. To do so, use your employee ID managed by Kiel University Data Center (sample: suabc123). Alternatively, you can also register individually.

Step 3: Upload and submit document

1. The file (PDF)
  • File name: 'FirstName_LastName.pdf'. Please do not use the title of the thesis.
  • Kiel University Library recommends not including your CV. This information is not necessary.
  • The electronic version of your doctoral thesis must match the content and formatting of the printed deposit copies of your dissertation approved for publication, which you must also submit to Kiel University Library (step 5). This serves, among other things, to ensure uniform references.
2. Submission

a) Dissertation in full text

  • Upload your file (PDF) to the server and submit it together with the metadata to Kiel University Library.

b) Dissertation with embargo

  • Upload the abstract of your dissertation (see step 1) to the server.
  • In addition, upload the full text of your dissertation to the server. This version remains stored separately during the embargo and is not publicly accessible. Only after the embargo period set by you has expired will the file be automatically exchanged for the abridged version.
  • Submit the abstract, full text and metadata to Kiel University Library.
If you have appendices, research data or similar that should be published in connection with your dissertation, please contact the dissertation office of Kiel University Library in advance.

Step 4: Review by Kiel University Library

The staff of Kiel University Library will check the submitted metadata and files. If everything is in order, the dissertation will be accepted and you will receive a confirmation by E-mail including a publication agreement. You can find a sample copy here.

Step 5: Complete the publication procedure

The publication process ends for you when you have returned the signed publication agree to Kiel University Library. Please send the document by post, stating your address (incl. E-mail address), to:

Universitätsbibliothek Kiel
Leibnizstr. 9
D-24118 Kiel

Printed copies of your dissertation for submission to the University Library are no longer required.

Confirmation of publication
After checking that the publication agreement has been received correctly, Kiel University Library will send a confirmation of publication by E-mail to the responsible dean's office.


For further questions regarding the submission procedure of your dissertation, please contact us by E-mail at or call +49 431 880-5407 (Daniela Weiß).