Pick-up and return

Open-Access Area

  • The open access area is freely accessible and books and magazines can be taken from the shelves in self-service. Please check out the media you wish to borrow yourself at our self-service check-out machines.
  • Reference collections from the open access areas can be used at the individual workstation. A longer stay in the shelf aisles is not allowed.

Self-pick-up area

  • Please pick up your orders from the magazines and interlibrary loans on the next day but one after placing our order in our self-pick-up area at the rear entrance lobby. You can reach the area by following a route marked by barrier tape, which is a one-way street from the entrance via the self-pick-up area to the exit.
  • Your books will be available on the shelves of the self-pickup area sorted by user number and the first 3 letters of the last name, so that they can be quickly picked up.
  • The aisles between the shelves of the self-pick-up area may be entered by one person at a time only After picking up your books, the area must be left quickly and a self-check-out terminal must be visited.
  • Your order will be available for 5 days, after which we will remove them.


  • Please use either of our two self-check-out terminals to check out volumes from the open access areas and ordered volumes from the stacks take place. They are located in the immediate vicinity of 1. the self-pick-up area and 2. the main exit: Please scan your CAU Card or user card at the self-check-out terminal and then place your books on the check-out area. If resources are not checked out properly, the alarm system will sound when leaving the building (passing the book security gates).
  • There is no need to check out your interlibrary loan orders.
  • Each terminal may be used by one person at a time only. Please maintain the necessary safety distances from other patrons and disinfect your hands with the disinfectants provided before / after device use.


  • Please return your books either at our Service Counter or by putting them onto the book trolley provided You will not be issued a receipt.

Should you have any questions concerning our self-pick-up area or our self-check-out teminals, please do not hesitate to contact our Service Counter.