Individual workstations (3rd segment, ground floor)

Please feel free to use our individual workstation area comprising 140 workstations in two sessions: Mon-Fri from 9 a.m. to 12 noon and 1.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. (except public holidays).

Please note our regulations and information.

Obligation to carry a book basket

  • When entering the building, please take one of the 140 red book baskets provided in the entrance area with you. Once all 140 baskets have been issued, no further patrons can be admitted to use workstations.
  • When temporarily leaving the building during your session, please take your book basket with you so that the security guard can see that you are authorised to stay in the building. Your CAU card or user ID will not be scanned again.
  • When finally leaving the building at the end of your session, please return your book basket to the entrance area and scan your CAU card or user ID again.

Workstations - Location

3rd segment, ground floor

  • Reading room: 62 seats, partly with electricity supply
  • Large room adjacent to the reading room: 54 seats, partly with electricity supply
  • Group room 6: 7 seats, partly with electricity supply

4th tract, ground floor

  • Group room 2: 2 seats, with electricity supply
  • Group room 3: 2 seats, with electricity supply
  • Group room 4: 12 seats, with electricity supply

Workstations - Use

  • Since no lockers are currently available, you may take your jacket and bags to your desk.
  • Please feel free to remove your face mask when working at your desk.
  • Desks are provided for individual work only. One person is allowed per desk. The desks are assigned fixed positions by markings on the floor and may not be moved. Chairs may not be moved.
  • Please leave the building by 12 noon (end of the first session) or by 4.30 p.m.(end of the second session). Between 12 noon and 1.30 p.m., cleaning and disinfection of the workplaces will take place. Workplaces cannot be occupied by the morning session for the afternoon session.
  • The sanitary facilities in the 3rd and 4th tracts are available to all patrons.