Individual workstations

A total of 243 individual workstations are offered on a first-come-first-served basis. 144 individual workstations on the ground floor in the 2nd segment and 99 individual workstations distributed on the upper floor, 1st-3rd segment.

One person is allowed to sit per table. The tables are numbered and there is a QR code on them. When taking the seat, please scan the QR code and enter the required contact information so that contact tracking is possible.


Ground floor, 2nd segment (144 workstations)
Upper floor, first, 2nd, 3rd segment (99 workstations)

Mandatory book basket and contact data collection

  • When entering the building to use a individual workstation, please take one of the book baskets provided in the entrance area with you. As a user of an individual workstation, a contact data registration in the entrance area of the Central Library is not necessary. Instead, please scan the QR code placed on your desk directly at your individual workstation with your smartphone. Alternatively, you may manually enter the URL given under the QR Code. As an OpenOLAT user, please register with your user account (students: stu account, e.g. stu123456) and your password. If you are not an OpenOLAT user, please click on the field "Guest" and enter your address data. Your time of access to your workstation will be recorded automatically. Please also enter your estimated time of departure from the building (the actual time of your departure from the building will be automatically recorded when you log out in the exit area). You will also be asked to enter your specific desk number also placed on your desk. Please follow this request in order to minimize the number of people who may need to be quarantined in the event of the Health Department requiring contact tracking. Finally, please click on "Finish registration".
  • When temporarily leaving and re-entering the building, please take your book basket with you so that the security guard can see that you are authorised to stay in the building. You do not need to scan the QR code.
  • When finally leaving the building, please return your book basket to the entrance area. Please also scan the QR code provided in the exit area next to the desk of the exit scanner with your smart phone (see "Mandatory basket and contact data collection") to log out – your time of departure from the building is automatically recorded in the form as start time.
  • For further information on contact data collection at Kiel University including data protection regulations, please refer to, menu item "Contact data collection". If you have any questions regarding your OpenOLAT account, please contact If you have questions regarding contact data collection, please contact


  • Desks are provided for individual work only. One person is allowed per desk. The desks are permanently installed or assigned fixed positions by markings on the floor and may not be moved. Chairs may not be moved.
  • Once you have taken your seat, you may not change it again within a session.
  • On weekdays, desks cannot be used by the morning session through on to the afternoon session.
  • The workplaces are cleaned in the morning before the start of use and after the 1st shift of use. If you would like to clean your workstation yourself at the beginning of the 2nd shift, please use the spray bottles with soapy water provided near the workstation, moisten the paper towels also provided and wipe your work surface with them.
  • Masks are not required at workplaces, provided that the distance of 1.5 meters is observed.