Hygiene and safety rules in the Central Library

For your protection, your stay at the Central Library is subject to security measures based on the CAU framework hygiene concept in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. We ask for your understanding that we cannot grant access to the building in the event of non-compliance or reserve the right to issue a building reprimand.

Admission to the building

  • Please use our distance markings in front of the designated entrance to maintain the necessary safety distance from other patrons waiting to enter the building.
  • Our security guard will give you access to the building via the door opening function of the entrance. The max. number of patrons simultaneously allowed in the building are:
    • Pick-up and return of printed resources: five persons
    • Individual workstation use: 140 persons
  • Please wear a face mask and disinfect your hands with the disinfectants provided when entering the building.
  • Please scan the barcode of your CAU card or your user ID at the scanning station in the entrance area so that we can record your user number and enter it in a database with a time stamp. In the event of COVID-19 infections and as part of the mandatory registration during the COVID-19 pandemic, this data enables us to identify all persons entering the building at the same time, to thus trace infection chains and to contact you for your protection if necessary. The above-mentioned data is collected and used exclusively for the purposes described and will be deleted after 4 weeks.

Stay in the building

  • Please move within the marked pathways at all times. Please wear your face mask and maintain the necessary safety distances from other patrons.

Leaving the building

  • Please scan your CAU card or your user ID card at the exit area.