Regulations for the Use of Carrels

1. Applying for a carrel and allocation of a carrel

Carrels with individual locks are available for students of Kiel University. Such carrels are allocated on application against payment of Euro 10.00 (see the University Fee Rules for the University Library):

  • for a maximum of 8 weeks to State Examination candidates, Diplom candidates and students who are preparing for a Magister or Master's examination;
  • for a maximum of 8 weeks to doctoral candidates at Kiel University preparing for the aural examination / defence of the doctoral dissertation (disputation).


Application forms for the allocation of a carrel can be obtained from the "Wegweisung" information desk in the entrance hall or can be downloaded from the Internet. The fully completed form is to be submitted to the Head of the Lending Services Department. The following are to be enclosed with the application:

  • a document from the examination office / the faculty / the faculty office showing the date of the examination or
  • a recommendation from the thesis supervisor showing the date of the aural examination / defence of the doctoral dissertation (disputation).

The number of carrels is limited. It is therefore possible that they may only be able to be allocated after a waiting period. The decisive factor for allocation is then the order in which the applications were submitted. The charge is to be paid to the information desk when receiving the key. A receipt must be signed to confirm that the key has been issued.

The key will be kept at the information desk for one day after the applicant has been notified. When this deadline has expired, the carrel will be offered to the next applicant.

Extensions are generally not possible.


2. Regulations for use

By accepting a carrel the user undertakes to observe the following regulations:

  • The carrel must not be passed on for use by other people. Personal items may be kept in the carrel, apart from outer wear (coats etc.). Books from the stocks held by the Central Library, which are used in the carrel, must first be borrowed following the correct procedure. They must also clearly be marked as "borrowed"; a paper tag issued by the library with the shelf mark, borrowing date and carrel number is used for this purpose, which is to be inserted in each book so that it is easily visible. Reference collections are permitted to be taken into the carrel for short-term use but not overnight. This does not apply to the books held in the reading room. They may only be used in the reading room.
  • Any library books deposited in the carrel, which have not been borrowed following the correct procedure, will be removed on a regular basis. If this is repeated, further use of the carrel can be forbidden.
  • The users own notebooks, amongst other things, may be used, however recording speech or sound is forbidden. Headphones are compulsory for listening to recorded material.
  • Smoking and eating as well as the use of mobile phones are not permitted in the carrels.
  • Consideration is to be shown to the users of the neighbouring carrels. In particular silence is to be observed. The carrels are designed for the use of one person alone and are not intended for group work.
  • The library is authorised to carry out checks in the carrels at any time. The instructions of the library staff are to be followed.
  • For safety reasons the carrel door must not be locked from the inside.


3. End of use and liability issues

The user must clear the carrel completely no later than on the day the period of use expires and return the key against receipt to the staff at the information desk. (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm). If damage is discovered during the final check of the cleared carrel, the user will be liable for this.

If the key is returned late, (one day after the end of the deadline), a reminder fee will be charged (see the University Fee Rules for the University Library).

If the key handed over for the duration of the period of use of the carrel is lost, the user is obliged to pay compensation (see the University Fee Rules for the University Library).

If it is obvious that the carrel is not being used, if there is a serious infringement of the Terms of Use for the Central Library or misuse of the rules for the use of carrels, the entitlement to use the carrel can also be withdrawn before the expiry of the agreed period of use.

The University assumes no liability for the personal items kept in the carrels.


4. Special instructions

  1. Special wishes (particular carrels etc.) can in general not be taken into consideration when the carrels are allocated.
  2. The carrels for the disabled are intended exclusively for wheelchair users.
  3. Windows may only be opened in the event of danger.

Kiel, August 2019

Dr Kerstin Helmkamp