Digital Learning Laboratory (DLL)

The Central Library of Kiel University Library sees itself as a place for learning and teaching innovation and has build a new place for networking digital research and teaching with its Digital Learning Lab (DLL). Initially focusing on the humanities with core topics beiing for example digital humanities, research data management, publications and open access, the new DLL is intended for reasearchers, lecturers and students alike.

The DLL enables on-site /face-to-face, online as well as hybrid formats and so far, usage scenarios have been considered

  • Experimentation: Getting to know and testing digital tool types from all subjects, both in the field of research and teaching, and to support learning.
  • Courses: research-oriented courses, especially humanities subjects for basic digital skills.
  • Collaboration: joint working on research data, in the context of collaborative work settings), also for student research projects.

In the development phase of the DLL, we are currently focusing on user involvement which we see as a very important element of the DLL.

Offer for CAU lecturers to use the Digital Learning Laboratory