• Information supply & information skills

As one of the main service facilities at Kiel University, we guarantee a supply of literature and information to all members of the university for research, teaching and studies that is suitable for their needs, and we help the parties concerned develop their own information skills.

  • Place of learning

The library is the location on campus where many students prefer to learn and communicate. We accommodate the need for an integrated place of learning and working with library spaces which are open seven days a week and feature computer workstations, Wi-Fi, and scanning and copying technology.

  • Transregional information supply

As a service for academics, with the Specialised Information Service for Northern Europe, which receives support from the DFG, we make information and publication services available for Northern European research purposes and ensure a long-term, transregional supply of literature in this area.

  • Cultural Heritage & Digital Humanities

Preserve, utilise and communicate cultural heritage. Following this principle, as the Competence Centre for Digital Humanities, we support research and teaching through the development, digitalisation and provision of diverse resources.

  • Open Access & publishing

As a development partner for a sustainable research and information infrastructure on the campus in Kiel, we provide advice the topics of publication and Open Access, and our services help publish research results.

  • Services for Schleswig-Holstein

Owing to our library and information technology skills, we have performed tasks relating to the state, especially those concerning administration of the local library system for the university libraries in Schleswig-Holstein and exercising the right to collect deposit copies of printed and electronic publications from Schleswig-Holstein.