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Short Guide

 How to use the Kiel University Library?


AddressThe Kiel University Library consists of the Central Library (Zentralbibliothek) with its three departments

Main Department(Hauptabteilung), Leibnizstr. 9, phone 0431-880-4701 (central information "Wegweisung")


Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri  09.00 - 22.00
Sat  09.00 - 20.00
Sun 10.00 - 18.00

 Public transport:
Bus number 81/82 to "Universitätsbibliothek" or bus number 6, 61/62 to "Leibnizstraße"

Medical Department(Medizinische Abteilung), Brunswiker Str. 2, phone 0431-880-5736

 Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri  09.00 - 18.30 (in August - 16.30)
Sat  09.00 - 13.00

 Public transport:
Bus number 32, 33 or 61/62 to "Schlossgarten"

Engineering Department(Ingenieurwissenschaftliche Abteilung), Kaiserstr. 2, phone 0431-880-6015


Opening Hours:
Mon, Wed - Fri  09.00 - 12.00
Mon - Fri  13.00 - 18.00 (outside of term-time: 13.00-16.00)
Sat closed

 Public transport:
Bus number 11, 100, 200, 201, 210 to "HDW, Technische Fakultät"

Service Point Westring(Stützpunkt Westring), Westring 400, phone 0431-880-2727

 Opening Hours:
Mon - Thu  12.30 - 16.30
Fri  10.00 - 14.00
closed in March, August and September

 Public transport:
Bus number 6, 61/62, 81/82, 91 to "Universität"

and 51 specialised librariesin eight faculties of the University (Fachbibliotheken)


You can get basic information about using the library at the "Wegweisung" in the entrance hall of the main department in Leibnizstraße 9. Leaflets on how to use the library can be found at the information desk.

Bibliographic information desk:
Main department:
Ground floor, area ("Segment") 3.
Service hours: Mon - Fri  09.00 - 20.00, phone: 0431-880-4775 or -4776,
First point of reference for all library specific matters. Help, hand-out and take-in of inter-library-loan forms. Administration of the reader-printer-machines

Bibliographic information centre:
Main department:
Ground floor, area ("Segment") 3.
Provides all sorts of information: bibliographies, catalogues and reference material. This book collection is only for use in the library and cannot be borrowed. Bibliographies of special subjects can be found in the respective open access area.

Registering as a member:
To obtain a user card as a student of an University in Schleswig-Holstein you need your student identification card and your personal identification card. For students the user card is free of charge.

Users who do not belong to any University or academy in Schleswig-Holstein need their personal identification card and their confirmation of registration at the Residents Registration Office to prove their residency in Schleswig-Holstein; minors must have the written consent of their parents. All these users will have to pay an annual loan charge of € 18.-.

All users receive a user card with a user number and a password (this is your date of birth in the form DDMMYY, for example: 030681). Any change of address and the loss of a user card must be reported immediately to the loan department. A new user card costs € 3.-.

Registrations are accepted Mon -  Fri  09.00 - 19.00.

Lending Department:
Main department:
Entrance hall
Service hours: Mon - Fri  09.00 - 21.45, Sat  09.00 - 19.45, Sun 10.00 - 17.45; phone: 880-4710 or -4713; for the other departments see above.

Lending procedure:
Most of the books and journals of the Central Library can be borrowed. Each user can borrow up to 25 books or bound journals and 10 textbooks - "Lehrbücher" - (with a blue shelf mark label). For details and extensions ask a staff member. Not for loan: Reference holdings (with a yellow shelf mark label), all books and journals of the Engineering department (except textbooks for students of the university), all publications from before 1900 and unbound journal issues.
The loan period is 4 weeks for books, 2 weeks for bound journals and can be extended on-line through OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) or on application (but not by telephone) unless a reservation has been placed by another user. The books are in open access areas. Those from closed stack have to be ordered via OPAC.

If an item is not reserved, the loan period can be extended up to eight times. After this period the item must be returned. To extend the loan period please click on "My Account" ("Benutzerdaten"). Enter your user number and password in the corresponding fields. In the window which appears next choose "Loans" ("Entleihungen"). Select all the items you want to renew and click the "renew" button ("Verlängern").

Items borrowed by others may be reserved for you. Please do it yourself in the catalogue. Click on the link "Reserve" ("Vormerken") and enter your user number and your password. You can only reserve the item if there are no more than 2 reservations on it.
Textbooks can only have one reservation. When the item is returned, you receive a letter (you have to pay the postage) or an e-mail informing you that you can collect the book at the collection desk within 5 opening days. You may reserve up to 10 items at the same time.

Reminder fees and overdue fines:
For overdue items you will receive a reminder; you are required to pay the postage. Seven days later the 1st overdue fee (€ 2.50 for each borrowed volume) will be charged, then the 2nd overdue fee (€ 8.- for each volume) and finally the 3rd overdue fee (€ 15.- for each volume). For each letter we send you, you have to pay the postage. If you have to pay more than € 20.- to the library, you are not able to borrow further items.

Please note: for textbooks ("Lehrbücher") with a blue shelf mark label and for reserved items you receive the 1st overdue fee (€ 2.50) immediately and no reminder.

You can also be informed by e-mail. This service includes reservations, reminders and informations about inter-library loans. This alternative is quicker and no postage costs are incurred. For more details and info ask a staff member in the loan department.

Internet access
As a student or other member of any university of Schleswig-Holstein you can use the internet for academic purposes. You need your user number and your password. There is no time limit for access to the world wide web.

Inter-library loans
Inter-library loan is a service that provides materials not available in the libraries in Kiel. Books are borrowed from other libraries; journal articles are usually sent as photocopies.

There are 2 different ways to order:
Online inter-library loan:
Please log on to online inter-library loans at the loan department (Mon - Fri  09.00 - 16.30).
You get a special access number and a password free of charge. After which you can search and order your literature in the GBV catalogue (Gemeinsamer Bibliotheksverbund of 7 federal states: Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Niedersachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein and Thüringen). It usually takes 1-2 weeks until you get your requested item.


If you cannot find the item you need in the GBV-catalogue, please fill in an inter-library loan request form. This way of ordering literature often takes longer than two weeks.

When the University Library receives your requested item, you will receive a letter or an e-mail. You have to pay the postage of € 0.55 and a fee of € 1.50 for each volume or a copy of an article up to 20 pages. The loan period for books is usually about 4 weeks. For more information ask a librarian at the information desk.

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue):
24-hour access to the Online Catalogue of the University Library via Internet ( ) from internet-PCs throughout the University and from home. Research (formal or subject retrieval) open to everyone. Orders, extensions of loan periods, reservations and other actions in a user's account are available to all patrons of the library with a user number and password.

In addition to library introductions in German we offer library introductions in English. Please have a look at to overview all dates or arrange another date.

Copy machines: coin and card copy machines - respectively in the corridors to area ("Segment") 2 on the ground and 1st floor.

Reading Room:
Main department:
ground floor, area ("Segment") 3
Service hours Mon - Fri  09.00 - 16.30, phone: 880-4774,
information- and basic reference literature in the humanities in classified order.

In the Medical and Engineering departments there are also reading rooms with literature on the respective subjects.

There are 67 cubicles available at Kiel university library. Students of CAU may reserve one of them for maximum 8 weeks for a fee of € 10,- if they are preparing for their examination (Staatsexamen, Diplom, Magister, Rigorosum/Disputation). Application forms are available at the "Wegweisung" in the entrance hall of the library as well as at the library's website. Please address the application form to "Leitung des Dezernats Ausleihdienste" and attach a proof of the faculty's registrar's office naming your date of examination, respectively a letter of recommendation of your doctoral/Ph.D. advisor naming the date of your examination (viva voce/disputation).

Should you have any further questions, please contact the Central Information Desk in the main department or the circulation desks in the other departments. We will be glad to help you.