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Printing documents from the Internet

At the computer workstations in the University Library you can print out documents/files from a large number of applications on the network printer. (Students of Kiel University also have the possibility to print out documents using the computer workstations in the multimedia room.)


Select the document
Print the document
Problems with printing on the network printer


Select the document

On the start page, which is displayed on the workstations in the University Library, select the "Internetzugang" (Internet access) link and log on with your user card number and your password.

Only via this form of access and via the services of the University Library are you recognised as a user of the University Library by suppliers of licenced electronic journals and databases. In addition it is only via this access that you can use the print functions, but not via the "catalogues" link or via your laptop in the University's WLAN.

Now select the desired document from the range on offer at the University Library. You can find electronic journals and literature databases with links to full texts via the online catalogue of the University Library or via the links shown under Online resources or Elektronische Medien (Electronic media; in German).


Print the document

The network printer at the Main Department (Leibnizstr. 9) is located behind the desk close to the workstations in Segment 1. Print jobs can be printed out using the CAU-card, the Campus-Card from the student union or the student ID of Kiel University of Applied Sciences. One DIN A4 copy costs 5 cents. A second machine is located in the Medical Department (Breiter Weg 10). Here you can pay using the Campus-Card, the student ID of Kiel University of Applied Sciences or coins. The printer in the Main Department is the default standard printer.

  1. Click on the printer symbol and confirm the print job in the subsequent window with the "Print" button.
  2. A pop-up with four entry fields will appear, all fields need to be filled in. Please enter your user card number as user ID and user name. You can select your own file name and password, but they must not contain any special characters or umlauts. A meaningful name is useful as you might have to select your job name from a long list on the printer display.
  3. The arrow key on the printer should light up. To view the print jobs, please fully insert your Campus-Card into the machine on the counter. So that you don't forget your card, it will be released after two minutes - accompanied by a bleep.
  4. Select your job from the list on the printer display by scrolling through the file list using "weiter" (continue) or via "Suche nach Dateinamen" (search for file name; letters at the start of the word are sufficient).
  5. Press the “moon button” if the printer is in sleep mode. Please choose “Documentserver” and – in the subsequent display – “Geteilter Ordner”. Then select your print job, enter the password and press the large blue button to start printing. The amount for the number of pages printed will then be deducted from your Campus-Card/CAU Card. Print jobs remain available for three days. Please delete your jobs after printing or if they are no longer required!


Problems with printing on the network printer

Sometimes the network printer will not print a selected file and indicates an error through a red flashing light on the start key. It is possible that the selected paper format is incorrect. The standard setting for the printer is DIN A4.

However, PDF documents contain their own paper format; therefore a large number of Anglo-American PDFs are formatted for the normal "letter paper" used there. The network printer cannot find this format in any of its paper trays and produces an error message.

Solution: Switch off the automatic paper selection on the network printer by selecting an actual paper tray from the paper selection menu, displayed on the bottom right above "Druckeinstellungen" (printer settings). The network printer then automatically formats onto the format of the paper in this tray, i.e. DIN A4. The green start key then illuminates and printing can be started.